Accounting & Bookkeeping

GPS Accounting wants you to focus on running your business and let us focus on your accounting and bookkeeping. We are fully qualified and knowledgeable Thai accountants with extensive experience assisting foreign businesses in Thailand. We can expertly assess your Thai accounting needs and fluently explain the best course of action in plain English, avoiding confusion or misunderstandings.

Seamless Accounting Services

With a deep comprehension of Thai standards and regulations, GPS Accounting will ensure all your bookkeeping is in full compliance. Whether overseeing your inhouse team or handling all your accounting and bookkeeping requirements, GPS Accounting can scale up or down as you need.

GPS Accounting Reports Available Includes:

● Balance sheets: See how your assets and liabilities are affecting your
   company’s overall value.
● Income statements: Track profits and losses to understand your
   company’s financial health.
● Accounts receivable: learn who owes you how much and adjust
   customer credit accordingly.
● Accounts payable: plan expenditures better by knowing what bills
   still need to be paid.
● Fixed asset register: determine what assets are losing value or
   need replacing
● Project accounting: gain more granular insights with reports on
   specific departments or projects.
● Business performance: assess your company’s performance
   measured against specific goals.

Expert Bookkeeping in Thailand

GPS Accounting can assist you at every level. Our certified CPAs can ensure that you have proper documentation and record-keeping systems established so that your financial reporting will be flawless. If you also need to submit financial statements and reports to an overseas affiliate or parent company, GPS Accounting has the international experience to help you adapt your Thai reports to meet all your requirements.