GPS Accounting knows you value your staff, so you should make sure they are well compensated with appropriate benefits. Ensure your staff are paid on time and filings are made correctly. GPS Accounting can handle all your requirements, so you have one less administrative matter to concern yourself with.

Clear Payroll Solutions

GPS Accounting can take care of part or all of your payroll – from calculating and issuing payslips and organising bank transfers to handling withholding tax certificates, social security, or any other regulatory payments. Our experts have a thorough knowledge of Thai laws and regulations so that your staff will be paid properly and that your business is legally compliant. We can access your current system or help you organise a completely new payroll system. We will explain every step in clear, concise English so that you understand and are in full control of the process.

Process Foreign and Thai Payrolls

Small oversights can become major headaches. Social security and workman’s compensation rules seem to be under constant regulatory scrutiny. Never mind the different types of withholding taxes that need to be processed. GPS Accounting knows what needs to be done to satisfy Thai labour laws and revenue department regulations. We also keep track of any new developments in the relevant laws, rules, and regulations that affect payroll procedures. Let us help keep your systems updated and compliant to avoid any issues in the future.

Foreign businesses in Thailand with operations or affiliates in other countries may need to ensure compliance with a broader set of rules. GPS Accounting is well-versed in standardising payroll to match all your requirements.  We can handle your Thai staff payroll while working with teams in other jurisdictions to ensure seamless operations.

Let GPS Accounting Handle Your Payroll Needs

Do you have questions about compliance under Thai labour law? Do you want financial experts to handle your payroll responsibilities so that you don’t have to? Contact GPS Accounting for a free initial consultation and find out how we can help you today.